4 thoughts on “The Beach

  1. Bravo! That was nice but where is the rest? Couldn’t find the other chapters. Makes me wanna get off my rear end, write a script, buy a camera, and go gorilla in the alleys of Richmond.


  2. Hey Travis, I don’t know if you’ll see this or not. But my name is Tristan James. I was looking for a way to get in contact with you on your site but you don’t have any way to do that. Any who, I wanted to give you some bad news. My dad, Randy James, a good friend of yours passed away 5/6/11. He was 41. If you want further details, email me at tjamesministries@yahoo.com


  3. This was excellent, odd, left me wanting to watch more. The Fester looking character on the beach will probably show up in my nightmares. Take care and my best to you and yours!


  4. WOW!!! That was some great acting! I hope and pray you catch your big break.
    You really deserve it my friend. Email me and tell me what u
    Have been in so I can watch them. Your friend forever,Dave

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